Energy pack


Energiapakki ESKO SL 1500
SL Energy pack 1500


  • The energy pack  ESKO SL 1500 is a power unit for the cabin, camping, boating and small builder with an efficient 1500W inverter that gives peak power up to 3600W.
  • It brings electricity to places where it is otherwise unavailable.
  • You can use tools such as drills, saws or mixers operating on up to 1500W maximum.
  • The energy pack is also suitable for the garden or the terrace, for example, to power a grill or lighting fixtures.
  • The SL-energy pack allows you to watch TV, vacuum clean, charge your phone or laptop battery and use kitchen appliances.
  • It also acts as a power source to jumpstart a car battery.
  • The SL-energy pack 1500 is suitable for anyone who wants a mobile power supply without the need for expensive fixed installations.
  • The energy pack battery can be charged with its five built-in solar panels, AC power wall outlets or a car 12V DC outlet.
  • The energy pack charges its 100 Ah gel battery fully ecologically with its five 16 W (80 W) monocrystalline panels. The panels open up around the unit, absorbing energy efficiently with up to 17 percent efficiency.
  • The battery charge level is easy to check from the digital display.
  • Options for connecting additional batteries or panels if necessary.
  • The energy pack is easily moved around with its telescopic handle and wheels.
1500 W inverter 3600 W peak power
5 x 16 W monocrystalline panel 100 Ah gel battery
Option for additional batteries (max 240 Ah) or panels (max 220 W) 2 x USB-ports
2 x 230 V socket (AC) 2 x 12 V socket (DC)
Digital screen Telescopic handle and wheels
Dimensions: 530mm x 530mm x 370mm Weight: 53 kg
Equipment W Estimated op. time
Radio 4 260 h
Smart phone 6 160 h
Light 13 82 h
Laptop 60 18 h
Travel-size refrigerator 60 18 h
Television 200 5 h 15 min
Vacuum 500 2 h
Concrete mixer 500 2 h
Hedge trimmer 500 2 h
Drill 500 2 h
Grill 1000 1 h
Jigsaw 1400 45 min
Mixing machine 1400 45 min
Log splitter 1500 40 min

*Operating times based on calculation.

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